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These days men are not just the ones hiring high-class escorts; women are also paying for the services of male escorts for a number of reasons and not just because of sex. So why do women hire a male escort? Well here are the reasons why…


Independent women like to take control things more than their sexuality, because of this, the number of them hiring a male escort to lose their virginity to is growing. They simply want to be in control of everything, from the environment to the things they want the man to do to them. For a lot of women, this lessens the hassle of losing their virginity.


It’s always feels good to have a handsome and dashing arm candy at a party or a company event. Most women is after being looking desired and be coveted by other women and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is through hiring a male escort. There are even women in Singapore during the Chinese New Year celebration who hired a male escort to bring to their family get-togethers just to shut their curious relatives regarding their status of being single.


One of the best ways to make your ex-husband or boyfriend believe that you have moved on from them is by showing them how happy you are with a new man. Numerous women nowadays chose to attend a friend’s wedding with a professional male escort instead of a blind date. Escorts are very good at pretending to be the boyfriend and no one would even suspect a thing.


Women want an ideal man, a man with a total package, someone they can have a conversation with, someone who looked good physically and sexually arousing. Male escorts know this that’s why they always compliment women and gives them respect so that they will feel comfortable around them. Keep in mind that they are professionals and they want you to employ them again.  Women would rather pay for an ideal gentleman in place of going through a bad relationship.


There are times when a woman pays for an escort simply for sex. They just want to be touched by a man and to fulfil their wildest fantasies or just to have a sex life when they are not ready for a committed relationship. Hiring a male escort does not come with any strings attached and is an ideal option for women who are always on the go.

A casual encounter with stunning london escorts is somewhat rewarding is some ways. After the client and the escort have reached an agreement on the kind of services and how they will go about it, then everything is settled and will be smooth sailing from there. The top most priority will always be safe sex in this type of scenario, no matter how beautiful or clean your escort may look; the chances of obtaining STD/STI’s are quite high in this industry. In this article, you will be provided with information on how to have safe sex with a call girl.


Using a condom is still the first thing that you will be reminded of when having a sexual encounter with an escort. A condom will provide you with a crucial protection to avoid getting infected with various STD’s. Using it is not to be ignored even if the girl you hired looks really clean. There are times when there is a lack of vaginal discharge if a woman is asymptomatic with her own contagions. If you see a strange discharge from a girl’s vagina, then using a condom is an obvious thing to do. Bear in mind that the correct use of condom is what will matter and not the brand name or type.


Performing oral sex to an escort is a big no-no. Herpes, Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV), genital warts are just some most common types of oral infections that you might get from giving oral sex. An ideal alternative for oral sex is to finger your hired call girl. However, make sure before touching your penis or lips to methodically wash your hands. If you see that the escort has some mouth sores, avoid kissing her as well, you definitely don’t want to catch that too.


After you have done all the safety protections on and before the sexual act, most especially the correct way of removing the condom, make sure to always wash your genital area properly and use an anti-bacterial soap and other cleaning agents gently on your private parts. One thing you should never forget is to urinate as well, as this washes away all the lingering fluids that may have entered your penis.


By making use of these tips, you can be assured that your sexual escapade with an escort will be safer and more enjoyable and this will also give you some peace of mind afterwards.

Escorts, also known as call girls, are different from prostitutes. Women who offers escort services are striking, more personable and without any kind of visible drug issues. Men who take advantage of high class London escorts services tend to be more astute clients than your average john and, and frequently recruit escorts for genuine escort services like for dinner and a couple of drinks, in addition of sexual services. With that in mind, here are some of the things that you may be aware of about escorts.


Some escorts can make a lot of money. Escorts in the North America region for the most part has an hourly rate of $150 to $400, conditional to the demand and services they offer. Escorts with fetishes, specialties, certain skills and an amazing beauty to match can charge even more. And those who are of higher-class who are catering to a private clientele, can even pull in as much as $1,000 an hour.


A “City Tours” for escorts across Western Europe has become a widespread phenomenon. In essence, escorts go on tour to boost the income they are generating.

On there “City Tours”, escorts from the more economically challenged Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Hungary, are transported into Western European cities for a couple of weeks to service a throng of rich and well-off johns. Escort agencies do all the booking of rooms in business hotels for each call girl, who then receives clients throughout the day. With these setups, call girls are most of the time exploited and taken advantage of.


It is not uncommon, in this age where blogging is popular, for promoters and so-called experts everywhere to go online and provide solicited as well as unsolicited views and advices on all sorts of topics. Websites such as, and provides a platform for customers to rate an escort with regards to their particular services and agencies as a reference to potential clients. But of course, these websites are potential victims to the typical anonymous online postings, as call girls and agencies can create fake positive reviews and comments for themselves. On the other side of things, there are clients who are known to blackmail escorts, threatening to give a negative rating unless they provide them with extra sexual services.


In order to avoid prostitution and bans on pimping, agencies are very careful not to obviously put out advertisements that its escorts are offering sexual services in exchange for money. Because of this, customers and agencies have come up with a dictionary of coded internet jargon and abbreviations that permit for the communication of what type of services will be exchanged. This kind of practice was created for use in some areas, typically in the US, where laws on prostitution are strictly imposed.

Some examples of these escort codes are BBBJ, which means that a customer will get an oral sex without using a condom, on the other hand CBJ means oral sex with a condom. A sexual encounters what is warmer than the usual sexual encounter is called GFE or girlfriend experience.

The growth of the internet has caused a massive boom to the industry of escort services. Men will always be involved  in sex and certain men will always be involved in paying for it.


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